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5 Popular Handbag Designs Among Fitness Enthusiasts

The fitness industry has become a global giant in the past decade and continues to grow. This trend has created a massive opportunity for fitness-related commercial goods. Fashion, as you can already guess, is one of the most lucrative areas of the fitness industry. 

It just so happens that handbags are one of the most significant fashion statements one can make. Such a situation naturally opens up a profitable niche for fashion/fitness bags. Fitness enthusiasts have particular tastes, and they prefer durable yet classy handbags.

But there’s a notable lack of suppliers for such paraphernalia outside very exclusive and often expensive brand names. As such, becoming a vendor for such goods is relatively easy. In this article, we’ll discuss what’s popular among fitness enthusiasts.

5 Popular Handbag Designs Among Fitness Enthusiasts

Handbags are a big part of contemporary fashion and occupy a highly competitive market. There are numerous types of bags for people with different tastes and interests. The fitness enthusiasts often lean towards a minimalist style. 

Their preferred bags often focus on practicality over aesthetics. Below are some of the bag designs that such people tend to purchase more often:

1. Satchel

Satchel bags are one of the most popular handbags amongst fitness enthusiasts. Fitness enthusiasts aren’t limited to gym rats and Instagram models. Many prefer outdoor activities like hiking and camping to stay fit and active. Satchel is one of the most versatile types of bags that can accommodate the needs of both gym and outdoor needs.

While satchels have been around for a long time, their popularity as fashion apparel only increased in the last few decades. It was partly due to pop culture and partly due to how people started having to carry more things. A satchel is a convenient bag for carrying daily necessities and is highly durable.

One of the other reasons for its current popularity is the material. Usually, satchels are made from canvas, leather, or other biodegradable materials. As such, it has become quite popular among young adults. Satchels are basically like a tote bag with a long shoulder strap.

2. Tote Bag

Tote bags are all the rage these days because they are highly versatile. These bags are large and have ample space inside for many essential items. So, it’s become a permanent fixture for many people, especially women. 

Tote bags are perfect for carrying outdoor hiking gear, snacks, light gym equipment, and many other things. They have high durability and are also easy to carry. The open-top design is the main selling point of this type of bag because it allows people to move items physically more significant than the bag itself. 

Such intuitive space management is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are always in the midst of one activity or another. Tote bags offer convenience and practicality in one neat package, or bag in this case. As such, there’s a lot of demand in the international market for high-quality tote bags. You can always get in touch with SLbag if you want to place a bulk order.

3. Barrel Bag

Barrel bags are particularly popular among traditional fitness enthusiasts and are a standard fixture at any gym. These bags are like duffle bags in terms of length and width. The difference between the two lies in their structural integrity.

Duffle bags are more flexible and do not have a fixed frame shape. Barrel bags have a rigid skeletal structure. While that does make the bag a bit harder to store and carry, there are certain practical benefits that come with such a design, too. The rigidity helps protect the items inside the bag. So, people can use it to carry food and other sustenance.

Such bags are great for outdoor adventures and picnics. But many people also use them to carry their gym equipment too. The rough usage conditions in the outdoors mean that the bag must reach a certain durability standard.

4. Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are similarly popular because they also offer a very spacious layout. It’s easy to fit larger equipment in such bags. However, people pick a duffle bag over a barrel bag due to the weight.

Despite being similar in size and design, the duffle bag is incredibly light compared to the barrel bags. Some athletes prefer weight reduction because it helps them carry more things longer. But the main thing is the popularity of such bags. Due to their explosive popularity, there’s a high demand in the market for good-quality gym and duffle bags.

Duffle bags have straps for hand-held carry and longer straps for shoulder carry. The ergonomic design of the duffle bag makes it easier to carry than most other large handbags.

5. Fanny pack

Fanny packs are becoming increasingly popular among young adults due to how much convenience they provide. Modern life requires too many small gadgets. Fanny packs offer utility like no other. While almost all fitness people use fanny packs, the ones who benefit most from it are cyclists and hikers.

Hiking and trekking require many random tools, and it’s annoying to have to open your large backpack to put your essential items. That’s why almost every hiker uses fanny packs to store essential tools, water, and other necessary items.

Cyclists prefer using fanny packs because they are lightweight and easy to carry. Since fanny packs are relatively small, they don’t produce much wind resistance either. Even marathon runners like using fanny packs for keeping their phone, water, and other items.


In conclusion, High-quality leather handbags are trendy among the masses. It’s a thriving business sector. While the supply of fitness bags is high, the overall quality does not meet the demand. As such, you can occupy a very decent position in the market if you find a reliable supplier for such goods.

We at SLbag, offer high-quality custom manufacturing capabilities. So feel free to contact us if you’re interested in this business.