Love fashion. Love SLBAG Design.

With our fashion bag design and manufacturing experience, SLBAG became one of the best vendors in this field.
At SLBAG we are renowned for our stylish, affordable fashion. The unique touches we bring to our designs help us stand out from the rest of the market. Our customers can always rely on us for great going-out looks and fabulous bags. We pride ourselves on being the perfect one-stop design and manufacturing service to pick up everything you need for a brand new look.


We believe it’s all about fashion bag, so whether our customers are after; the latest trends, celebrity looks, fashion-forward pieces, or simply wardrobe essentials, we’ve got a range of products to suit their personal style.

We stand out from our competitors with our Brand Promise by putting our customers at the central of everything we do. What we offer and how we communicate with our customers is about more than selling bag; it’s also about the emotions that come alongside buying a new design.

We’re always listening to them to make sure we really understand their needs. Whether this is engaging with over 200 Brand cooperators or questioning our customer panel or even inviting our customers into our design process.

Creative Team

King Peng Huang
“Free in fashion, serious in production”. My job is to assist the customer on design. It would need me to be free, fun and creative.
Leo Wei
Production Manager
Love my job of fashion bag creating, I spent all my time in production optimization, to provide high-quality products to our customers.
Peter Chan
Purchasing Manager
I have deep knowledge of the production process and cost control in handbag industry, have very good product and supplier evaluation ability. Familiar with all material markets in Guangzhou, and can quickly find the latest materials and technology.
Simon Chan
A positive and enthusiastic fashion bag lover, every bag has its own story, and I love to share it with every customer, every bag’s design comes from instant feelings, and instant feelings is from real life, so enjoy the passion life and be fashion.
Snow Guan
According to the clients’ needs, realize the technical requirements, guide, deal with, coordinate and solve the technical problems in every product.
Carry Tang
It was my greatest pleasure to search for the best in the workplace for SLBAG.
Daily Lau
“Serious in production”. My job is to take care of the production. It needs me to be totally serious and careful. Sophisticated, and I enjoy it.
Sherry Lau
Fashion Consultant
A fans of fashion with a strong Passion, being beautiful makes my everyday more fresh. Working with creative things makes me delightful and I ‘m proud to pass this feeling to more people.

Well-Made Products That Are Sweatshop Free

Exclusive collaborations

Join forces with the leaders in fashion bag produce. Becoming a SLBAG partner lets you offer a wider range of ideas, products and more innovative solutions to your customers.

With theSLBAG brand on your side, and access to our end-to-end technical and service support, you’ll open doors to countless commercial opportunities.