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5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

Leather purses are always a popular item. From utility to fashion, a proper leather bag covers everything. Therefore almost all the leather products businesses want to make these purses their top priority. Not to mention, the profit margin on a leather bag can be really high. But what is the most popular leather purse style?

You can focus solely on producing those when you know about most in-demand leather purse styles. As a result, you increase your chance of selling more products and see more profits. Follow the discussion below for more.

The Most Popular Styles For Leather Purses

Selling handbags and leather purses have been profitable for years. Think of all the big brands that made their name just by selling some good leather bags. Well, you can be one of those names too. You just have to focus on the most popular leather purse style. Here are some of those ideas.

Crossbody bags

5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

Crossbody bags have been popular for a long time. Moreover, many celebrities have been seen sporting one in their photos. And that has added more to the hype surrounding these leather purses. In recent times, stars like Gal Gadot and Post Malone have rocked the fashion scene with their crossbody bags.

These bags are designed with a long strap that loops over the other shoulder. Henceforth the name 'crossbody.' This design makes the bag ideal for functionality and practical use.

Apart from being highly functional, a crossbody bag goes well with all outfits and every occasion. The crossbody design makes it seamlessly become one with your body. Therefore, the wearer won't even feel like carrying a bag. Plus, the hands are free. So, the wearer can text or do other things very easily.

Shoulder Carry

5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

This is a classic style for leather purses. Usually, Prada and Kate Spade are well-known for manufacturing these bags. These bags are commonly flat rectangular shaped with dual handles. The primary material for these purses is, of course, leather. However, there might also be other materials to constitute the details.

Shoulder carry bags can have both long and short straps. In other words, just because it is known as "shoulder carry" doesn't mean the wearer always carries it on the shoulder. For instance, some people might want to take a short strapped shoulder bag on their arms.

Leather Canvas Style Bags

5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

Leather Canvas style bags are also known as Tote bags. These bags have excellent utility because of the amount of space they can offer. Tote bags are large roomy bags that are excellent for shopping purposes. Because of the spaciousness, the wearer can fit multiple oversized items inside it.

Usually, Tote bags are rectangular with a loose design. However, some bags might be square shaped. While some can have a larger width than the length. '

Also, it is not mandatory that all Tote bags have to be loose. There are executive designs that are sleek. However, they still permit a lot of space. Office goers can fit files and tablets in their smart leather Tote bags.


5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

Satchels are almost similar to crossbody bags. These leather purses also have a long strap over the other shoulder. Therefore you find the bag hanging on the opposite hip. However, crossbody bags can be of various shapes. Such as square, circular, rectangular, and anything in between. But satchels are strictly rectangular.

Another critical difference is the closing system. For instance, crossbody bags might have a clasp or zipper for fastening. Whereas satchels have a dual-buckle closing system or an envelope flap.

The reason for this shape and fastening system is that Satchels are made to carry books and similar items exclusively. As a matter of fact, these bags were a regular part of college students' attire. However, today everyone uses it. Although, this is still most popular with students and office-goers.

The Clutch

5 Most Popular Leather Purse Style

No list of popular purse styles can complete without the Clutch. These are small handbags with a relatively smaller amount of space. However, it is still enough to carry all your valuables in one place (money, cards, ids, keys, cell phones, jewelry, etc.). A clutch bag can have detachable straps. Although, most people tend to carry it by hand.

These purses have been around for centuries. People used these bags to carry small items of great value in earlier times. And that hasn't changed much today. However, these days there are various design options available.

Clutch are the popular choices for people going on a date, parties, or similar fancy occasions. Therefore, any ambitious leather bag manufacturer might want to include it in their line of products.

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