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Laptop Bag Vs. Sleeve Vs. Backpack: A Detailed Discussion

Laptop carriers are one of the most sought-after items in online retail. However, the different types of laptop carriers can be confusing for the new seller. After all, their purpose is the same- help carry and protect your laptop. So, what makes them different from each other?

There are three significant types of laptop carriers- bags, sleeves, and backpacks. They differ greatly in design and purpose. For instance, Laptop bags have single shoulder straps or handles. Meanwhile, backpacks have double straps or cross-body straps. In contrast, the laptop sleeve is a strapless, pocketless pouch. 

Due to their designs, the laptop bags and backpacks are more suitable for outdoor use and travel. Meanwhile, the laptop sleeves are better for indoors. Learn about these differences in laptop carriers in more detail. The knowledge can help you guide your customers to make their best choice.

What Is A Laptop Bag?

Laptop bag is mainly popular among office-goers and students. The bag helps them safely carry their laptop on the road, along with a few light documents, pens, and tech accessories. The lightweight makes traveling with the laptop convenient. Meanwhile, the single shoulder strap or handle provides assistance. 

These bags have a main padded compartment for the laptop. There are also smaller pockets and compartments for chargers, cables, or small personal items. 

A quality laptop bag is durable and secure. They are usually made of tough materials like nylon, canvas, polyester, and leather. For security, these bags feature lockable zippers and pockets. 

The padded compartment protects the laptop from minor bumps during your travels. You also get considerable protection against dust and rain. Quality laptop bags have enhanced water and shock-resistant features. 


  • Keep the laptop and its accessories organized and in one place
  • Easily access the laptop without the hassle of opening an entire bag 
  • Moderate protection against impacts, rain, and dust 
  • It is ideal for easy and quick carrying outdoors 
  • Creates the perfect stylish appearance for professionals and students 


  • You can't put any other major items other than the laptop in these bags 
  • The single shoulder strap can cause strain on the neck (especially if you have a bulky laptop 
  • Laptop bags’ characteristic appearance easily catches the attention of criminals on public transport
  • These bags don't easily fit inside bigger bags 

What Is A Laptop Sleeve? 

The sleeves are the ideal carrier for the laptop when you’re indoors. You can keep your laptop inside a sleeve to protect it from dust and scratches. They can also provide added protection to your device during its time inside laptop bags and backpacks. 

Laptop sleeves are essentially pouches. They have the most minimalistic design of all the laptop carriers. Which means there are usually no pockets or straps. The material is also softer than other carriers. Most laptop sleeves are made from neoprene or EVA. 

As a seller, you can suggest sleeves to customers looking for a slim protective pouch to keep their devices safe at the office and at home. The sleeve's strong zippers can discourage people from tampering with their devices. These pouches have considerable water resistance to protect the laptop from minor spills. 

For many customers, the primary purpose of buying laptop sleeves is to speak their style and personality. Therefore, manufacturers produce these sleeves in more colors and designs than any other laptop carrier. 


  • Easily fits inside other bags and provides extra protection 
  • Protection from indoor factors like scratches, dust, minor spills, tampering, etc. 
  • The most lightweight option for a laptop carrier 
  • Wide variety of colors and styles available. 
  • Users don’t have to wipe or clean their laptop screens and keyboards as frequently. 


  • Unless inside a bag or backpack, the sleeve is not an ideal laptop carrier for traveling. 
  • You don’t have any option for putting your chargers and accessories
  • Has negligible resistance against serious impact, heavy rains, or high temperature 

What Is A Laptop Backpack?

A laptop backpack is a carrier that welcomes items other than your laptop. It has one or more dedicated padded compartments for laptops and similar devices. At the same time, it offers some more space for putting in items like books, clothes, etc. 

However, the amount of space can vary according to the design and manufacturer of the backpack. Although, unlike a laptop bag, a backpack doesn't limit options to pens and minor accessories only. 

The laptop backpack also has the most suitable design for carrying your device during long-distance travel. Usually, two straps or cross-body straps distribute the weight equally among your shoulders. Some designs also feature belts that you can fasten across your belly. 

As a result, you can travel long distances with a laptop backpack without straining your muscles. Plus, the backpack design frees up your hands. So, you can easily ride a bike or carry other items. It’s the ideal laptop carrier for that customer who lives the digital nomad lifestyle. Or, the student who rides a cycle to his college. 


  • Allows you to carry other major items besides your laptop 
  • Ergonomic design gives you the most convenient laptop-carrying experience
  • Since it's double strapped to the user, thieves are less encouraged to snatch it 
  • Provides excellent protection against heavy impact and rainfall. 


  • Users might put too many items due to the backpack’s spaciousness and put too much load on the laptop. 
  • The laptop might overheat 
  • Users have to go past the other items in the backpack to access the laptop 

Laptop Bag Vs. Sleeve Vs. Backpack: Which One Is The Best?

Customers who don't have much experience with the laptop carriers are likely to ask you- which one is the best? Here, you should properly explain how each carrier is best at fulfilling its unique purpose. Let's consider three parameters- protection, convenience, and style. 

Protection: For everyday home-to-work travels, laptop bags provide the best protection. Meanwhile, laptop bags are ideal when you are out on a road trip. In both cases,  they should put their laptop in a sleeve before it goes into the bag or backpack.

Convenience: If you are working inside the office, the sleeve is the best option to store your laptop during breaks. It would be quite a hassle if you had to put it in and out of a bag or backpack every time you return to your desk. On the other hand, bags and backpacks are the best option on the road. 

Style: If someone wants to look stylish while traveling in public transport with their laptop, the bags are the perfect option. Meanwhile, those who ride their bikes to school or work- have no better option than a laptop backpack. 


The laptop bag vs. sleeve vs. backpack argument doesn’t yield a single winner. Instead, they all are best in their respective situations. 

As a seller, you must understand what situation your client is in and suggest a suitable laptop carrier accordingly. Contact us for more support and ideas.