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How Much Does Leather Cost In Bulk?

If you are planning to manufacture leather products, you must know about the price of leather. But how much does leather cost in bulk? The price range will also help you recognize the leather's quality. There are different types of natural and artificial leather. The two best types of genuine leather are Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather.

The cost of Full Grain Leather varies from $3 to $ 6.12 per square foot, and the Top Grain Leather is in the range of $3.99 to $7.02 per square foot. Again, synthetic leather-like PU leather and PVC leather costs less. They start at $0.5 per meter and go above.

The price of the leather can also differ depending on the tanning process and manufacturing. All of these play a role in quality control.

Cost Of Different Types Of Leather

Several types of natural and artificial leather are available. They come in different forms and textures. And the price of these leather also varies depending on those factors.

Full Grain Leather

While ranking the leather according to quality, the Full Grain leather comes at the top. It is said to be the most durable and most robust part of the hide. Many top fashion brands like Dior, Balenciaga, etc., use this leather.

Full-Grain leather lies just below the epidermal layer. It is also not buffed, snuffed, or sanded. This leather has a more natural texture and characteristics.

It gains more fiber strength along with durability with age. A patina will also develop. It has an aniline finish which allows the leather to breathe, unlike sanded leather.

As it comes in an original state, it requires more sensitive preservation. Therefore, the price of the leather is relatively high, even in wholesale deals.

Price Range

The Full Grain Leather price range starts from $3 to $6, depending on the grade and the hide. The table shows the price points in bulk order:

Full Grain Suede                 Price Per Square Feet
SQFT or Clearance Colors                              $3.04
Single Hide (Colors)                              $3.81
Dress Grade White Suede                              $6.12

Top grain leather

After Full Grain Leather, the second in quality is the top grain leather. It is the skin layer just under the hair of the animal.

Top grain leather goes through splitting by saving the upper layer. It is done to give the leather a pristine look. The leather goes through more processing than the full-grain leather.

The splitting into the top grain leather helps it provide a more exquisite finishing. Also, the leather gets thin during the process, making it more usable in different fashion statements.

Splitting may cause harm to the future patina and can compromise the longevity of the leather. Still, it is one of the top choices in making luxury leather goods.

Price Range

The price of the Top Grain Leather depends on how they are tanned. Starting from $3.99 per sq, the cost can increase to $7.02. Here's a breakdown of the prices when bought in bulk:

Top Grain Leather                   Price Per Square Feet
Oil Tanned                              $3.99
Romanza Tanned                              $7.02
Vegetable Tanned                              $5.95

PU leather

PU Leather is synthetic leather. Manufacturers use Polyurethane, a polymer, to manufacture leather by replicating genuine leather. It is 100% artificial and doesn't involve any animal cruelty.

You can get the same texture as animal skin in PU leather, but it is lighter and more durable than genuine leather.

This leather is also water-resistant and more sunlight resistant. It costs less as the production of the PU Leather doesn't cost as much as the genuine leather.

Price Range

The price of PU leather varies depending on the upper texture of the leather. Depending on what color and texture you are looking into, the PU Leather price may range from $2 per square foot to $3 per square foot.

PVC Leather

PVC leather is also synthetic leather. But unlike PU leather, it has multiple layers of foam, fabric leather backing, and plastic surface coating. The leather is made of Polyvinyl Chloride.

The multiple layers of PVC Leather make it more durable. It has fewer pores and is compact. It is primarily used in footwear and upholstery. Also, PVC usage has increased in the market as vegan leather.

Price Range

In bulk order, the price of the PVC leather will differ from $0.5 per meter to $3 per meter. The cost will depend on the layers, embossment, etc.

Additional Cost

When you intend to buy leather in bulk, you look forward to manufacturing leather goods. Therefore, each purchase will require many more costs. These costs will also vary depending on the leather you are buying.

Shipment Cost

Some best quality leather is found in China, India, and Vietnam.

If you plan to buy natural leather, the shipment cost will start from $25-$1000. In contrast, the synthetic leather shipment will be comparatively less. The more you buy, the more the average cost gets reduced.

Tanning Cost

There is no tanning cost in synthetic leathers like PU or PVC leather. But in natural leather, it is a huge factor. If you buy pre-tanned leather, it will cost you more.


The preservation process of each type of leather is different. Even some synthetic leather needs proper preservation under temperature control.

But the preservation of natural leather will cost way more than synthetic leather. Natural leather needs proper lighting, air, temperature, and pressure control to be appropriately preserved. Thus, the cost increases.

Final Words

The quality of leather products mainly depends on the leather used. As a manufacturer, you need to understand how much does leather cost in bulk. This will help you to decide the price of the final product. Also, the prices mentioned here are not rigid. The price will vary considering the texture, preservation, and quality control.

Check out how to manufacture leather goods over at SLBAG. This can also help recognize the proper leather for your production. If you are manufacturing bags, you will need a different type of leather. Therefore, even in bulk orders, check the leather before you pay.