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Quali sono i colori di pelle più popolari per le borse?

The leather bag industry is booming. And you want to take a piece of that action. But before you invest on producing your leather bags, figuring out which colors are most in demand is essential for your new business. It will help your products to sell faster and start growing your business from the get go.

So, which leather colors are most popular for bags? Well, we are going to discuss exactly that in the rest of this article.

Which Colors are the Most Popular for Leather Bags?

Having leather bags with simple yet distinct colors can really upgrade your product line. Picking the most popular colors will ensure your stock sells out fast. So, whether it be laptop bags for work o some purses, choosing the right color for them makes a lot of difference. Hence, below we have stated which colored leather bags are the most popular.


Quali sono i colori di pelle più popolari per le borse?

Everything is better in black and that applies to leather bags as well. Pair it up with any outfit on any day and you do not have to put any further effort into your attire. It is a classic for a reason. You can pair a black handbag when you dawn a neutral-colored bodycon or a bright-colored jumpsuit. You can also go for the full leather look if you are feeling bold.

It is suitable for all sorts of an outing, a trip to a coffee shop, or a professional meeting, you can never go wrong with a black leather bag.

And this flexibility makes black the most popular color for apparel and accessories all over the world. So, if you have to choose one color for your bag collection, it has to be black.


Quali sono i colori di pelle più popolari per le borse?

Much like black, a brown leather bag always goes with every outing and every outfit. It provides a simple yet sophisticated touch to your attire. Brown is the most versatile out of all the colors as it comes in many shades.

Brown is also very popular for its immense flexibility and basically anyone can pull off a great look with brown shades without giving it much thought.

Cream, off-White or Nude Colors

Sometimes, the basics are better. Lighter or neutral colors of handbags offer a dignified touch to attire without doing much. For high class parties, cream is the number one choice for its elegant look. A great thing about cream is that it’s an all-season color. Meaning it goes well with everything from a minimal sundress to heavy winter clothing.

Metallic Colors

You don’t just want casual styles in your business.  You also need to attract customers who are looking for some sparkle and dazzle. That’s where metallic colors come in. Going on a trip to Las Vegas or having a girl’s night out in night clubs, these are scenarios when dull or simple colors won’t do. People want to stand out in these moments.

Metallic colors line silver, gold, copper, etc. do exactly that. So, even though their use case is very specific, they are still quite high in demand. And as a business owner you would not want to miss out on these customers. 


Quali sono i colori di pelle più popolari per le borse?

Although only being introduced to trends in recent times, a white leather bag can make quite the signature statement. It provides a very chic and refined look. The white color can include a sharper look, even more so if you pair it with darker colors such as navy blue or dark green. It is also a perfect fit for minimalists.

The white shade elevates an individual’s style to new levels and will definitely turn a few eyes. But only for those who can rock it of course.

White is more common among the upper class and for accessories to pair with other colors such as black. But it does get easily dirty and really hard to pull off for most people. This does turn off some people. So, be wary about how many of your products are purely white.

Choosing The Right Bag Colors For Your Business

Well, it would be unrealistic for a business to order hundreds of bags of so many different colors. Especially for small to medium sized businesses. Your best course of action is to analyze your target clients and choose the colors accordingly. But, how do you identify your target audience? Well, here are some things to look out for.

Observe your existing customers

Your existing customer’s purchasing habits should provide you some insight on which colors you should choose. If you see most of your clients are buying party apparel then maybe going with shiny metallic colors, black and brown would be best. There are multiple other quirks you can notice and take advantage of if you properly examine your customers.

Do a survey

Instead of guessing your customer’s habits, maybe simply asking them would work better. Ask them what sort of accessories they like and what sort of colors they use and document their answers. You customers will also appreciate that you care about their opinions.

Consider Your location

If you are located near a local club, then obviously having some metallic colors would do you good. On the other hand, if people living close to and around your business area are mostly conservative then going with more muted colors like black, gory, cream or brown would be best.

Local Fashion Culture

This is also a very important aspect when choosing the colors of any of your product line. People from different parts of the world have different opinions when it comes to colors. Gray to black tones are very popular in the United Kingdoms. In Japan, cream, brown, black are seen more commonly in apparel and accessories than any other colors. On the other hand, red is much more popular in Mexico.


So, as you can see, choosing the right color for your leather bag collection is no rocket science. Just observe and analyze the tastes, habits and culture of your target business location or locations, and you will easily be able to pick just the right colors for your leather bag production line.