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Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

The flow of trends in the handbag world depends on a lot of things. Trends come and go swiftly with what is more popular on the catwalk as well as on the internet. As a manufacturer, you have to keep up with the latest hand bag trends to ensure you are popping up as the top choice for customers. Now, how can you do that?

A lot of old styles are making a comeback. And you can see new ones making waves in the handbag scene as well. From bucket bags and the classic half-moons, crochet bags and the edgier metal details are all the hype now.

Let’s get into the latest handbag trends for 2022. While these are showing up the most in runways and fashion media, there is much more to come. And then, let’s get a bit into how you can choose the best manufacturer for your handbag business.

Latest Handbag Trends

Handbag trends of this year saw many old faces and surprising new ones. Vintage styles are making a comeback with bright colors. Then again, old methods meet new in crochet bag trends. Tote bags are becoming popular again, there is so much to consider!

Bucket Bags

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

Bucket bags have been on the trendy handbag list for a couple of years now. Their silhouette compliments casual to luxurious outfits. And the best part is, bucket bags have no range in sizes. They can essentially be worn as mini pouches to bags that hold all of your regular essentials.

All in all, bucket bags seem like they are here to stay. It would be a safe bet to wear and make them during the entirety of this year. It is a must-have for any handbag enthusiast now.

Supersize Totes

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

Supersize totes and bags have been making a slow entrance into the mainstream. While they were slightly popular in 2021, 2022 spring is seeing them getting more love. The bags are minimalistic in general. With elongated handles and solid colors, they are a great choice for statement accessories.

Half-moons and Circulars

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

This classic is making a unique entrance once again into the fashion world. Compact half-moon shapes are a beloved choice for simply accessorizing your looks. Bags that have a circular silhouette are also a good choice for adding shapes to minimal outfits.

These bags seem to be more and more popular as fashion icons feature them in casual outfits. There is an interesting exception in this style, though. The reverse half-moon might be a twist to the trend that becomes more popular soon.

Chain Details and Metal Statements

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

Take any of the classic handbag choices, and elevate it with a metal addition. Yep, your accessories are getting accessories. Metal chains and statement details to classic bags are a new style that is becoming more popular this year.

Vibrant or moodier tones with these additions add character to the otherwise simple design of the bag. No wonder the experimenting fashion icons are loving this one.

Crochet Bags

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

Crochet accessories are all the hype this year. Among young adults and crafty individuals, crochet bags and handbags are making a place in their hearts. And so, it has also made a place in the bigger handbag trends of the year.

While crochet handbags are relatively newer to the industry, many manufacturers are taking notes and working quickly to bring them to market. Newer designs in space and size are coming up every day. So you might want to run your experiments quickly and see what works.

High-end Totes

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

Tote bags are also one of the trends that are becoming essential for any individual. Tote bags from coarser fabric for regular use was once a thing. But now, tote bags with high-end designs and styles are making their way into the regular trends.

You could say these bags were in use long before now. While that is true, their novelty had faded quite a bit before making their comeback this year. Check out the totes with refined leather finishes as well as ones that use combined materials to increase their appeal.

Vintage Styles

Ultime tendenze delle borse a mano 2022

With handbags and accessories being revived daily on the internet, vintage bags were bound to make a striking comeback this year. Rectangular, single-color styles are coming back to add a pop of color to minimal outfits in the youth.

Sustainably-made vintage bags are also attracting people. Vegan leather is another strong contender, and it should be in the catalog of options for every manufacturer now.

Choosing Your Hand bag Manufacturer

In the handbag business, you need a strong contender as a manufacturer to keep up with the latest trends. Manufacturers should have a list of traits that will help you best in your time of need. Here, let’s check out some features you can expect from a top-of-the-line handbag manufacturer.

Material Availability

A good handbag manufacturer should have the materials you need, first and foremost. But, their catalog must contain the essentials as well as new additions periodically. A https://slbag.net/material/dynamic list of material types, styles, and patterns is of the essence when you want to keep up with the ever-changing trends of handbags.

Sustainable Chain of Production

The last thing you would want is for the chain of production of your handbags to be unethical. Unfortunately, unethical and forced labor backs a lot of the trends that come up in fashion. But, some manufacturers try to keep their hands clean in the process. It would be in your best interest to check their production process to keep your business fresh as well.

Sampling and Trustworthiness

Samples are an essential part of your choosing between manufacturers. Sampling and previous work are what would show how well a manufacturer is keeping its word. Along with a great material and design catalog, you must check their collaborations and branding too.


Il latest handbag trends are a challenge to keep up within the handbag business. But it is what keeps your work moving. The best thing you can do to satisfy these up-and-coming waves is to choose the best production support.