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Как выбрать кожу для производства сумок в 2022 году?

Leather bags are one of the most popular leather items. As a result, it is very important to pick the right kind of leather to make the best and most attractive bags. But as a manufacturer, it can be confusing to decide which type of leather is best suited to your needs. How do you choose leather for bag manufacturing?

In this article, we will answer that very question. We will talk about the different kinds of leather that you can use to make your bags. As well as talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of leathers. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

The Different Types Of Leather For Manufacturing Bags

The Different Types Of Leather For Bag Manufacturing

When it comes to making leather bags, there are mainly three types of leather that you need to take into consideration. These are goat leather, full-grain leather, and premium full-grain leather. Let us look at these leathers in more detail.

1. Goat Leather

Сайт Goat leather is a great option for manufacturing bags, it is softer than full-grain leather as well as being lighter. This specific type of leather has a more vintage feel to it and is also known as Moroccan leather due to its origins.

Besides being soft and extremely light, Moroccan leather’s grainy and tight texture is similar to that of premium full-grain leather. Furthermore, it is even водостойкий, so if it ever gets dirty just grab a damp cloth and wipe it off.  Let us look at the pros and cons of using goat leather for manufacturing bags.


  • It has a more vintage look to it than either full-grain or premium full-grain leather.
  • Extremely light when compared to other leather bags.
  • Very cheap and affordable.
  • It is water-resistant.


  • Has a shorter lifespan than the other two.
  • It will stretch more as time passes.
  • You will notice some scratches and marks on these types of leather.

2. Full-Grain Cowhide Leather

When it comes to leather bags full-grain leather is hands down your best option. It is popularized due to its strength and durability. Full-grain leather gets its strength and durability from the fact that it is harvested just below the hairline, on the outer part of the hide. Because of this, it does not need to be snuffed, buffed, or sanded giving it a more natural feel and look.

Now let us take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of using full-grain leather to manufacture bags.


  • Full-grain leather bags will last you a decade and maybe more.
  • The Interior of most full-grain bags has a leather lining to them.
  • It will not have a leathery smell to it.
  • You will not find any scratches on it, unlike goat leather.
  • They have a rugged look to them.


  • On the heavier side.
  • It is much more expensive than the goat leather.

3. Premium Full-grain Cowhide Leather

Though this may not be a completely different type of leather, it is different enough to warrant us needing to explain it on its own. Premium full-grain leather bags can last you a lifetime and provide you with a handful of advantages. Which you would normally miss out on with normal full-grain leather.

Let us look at the pros and cons of this type of leather bag.


  • Stronger and more rugged-looking than your regular bag and made using saddle leather.
  • It will last you a lifetime due to its superior durability.
  • Has an incredible finish to it making it worth the price.
  • No scratches at all.
  • Like goat leather, premium full-grain is water-resistant allowing you to wipe it clean.


  • Heavier than even normal cowhide leather depending on the size.
  • Is very expensive.

Now besides the three types, we mentioned above, there are a few other types of leather that can be used for bags.

4. Aniline Leather

Сайт Aniline leather can also be used to make bags due to its smooth, breathable, and soft texture. However, it is prone to getting visible scratches as a lot of extra care is needed if you plan on using this type of leather.

5. Suede

Suede is a cheaper variant of leather which is a split of the interior of the hide. This fuzzy, velvety-like soft texture is why it is popularized in backpacks as well as hobo-style handbags.

But at the end of the day when it comes to deciding what kind of leather you should use to make your bags you should look at your own needs. And what fits the kind of bag you are looking to make. Use what we have told you so far as a tool to help you make your own decisions.

How We Can Help You Manufacture Your Leather Bags?

How We Can Help You Manufacture Your Leather Bags?

We explained how you can choose the leather you want for your very own bags. However, the manufacturing process is not as easy as just deciding what leather you want and making a bag. There are also many hurdles that you will face in between. And at times it can get overwhelming.

That is what we at SLBAG are here to help you with. We are your one-stop-shop for all your leather bag manufacturing needs. Providing you with all the resources you need to get your business or product off the ground.

Letting us handle everything such as manufacturing handbags, custom tags, and packaging frees up more time for you to focus on running your business. Not only that, let us worry about your inventory and lower your business risks. We will provide you with all your bulk needs while maintaining quality above industry standards.

So, what are you waiting for? Свяжитесь с нами с нами сегодня.


In this article, we talked about how to choose leather for Bag manufacturing. We talked about the different kinds of leather you need to look into and what advantages and disadvantages they each had.

And to reach out to us, so that we can help you make your ideal bags. We hope you found this article to be helpful. Thank you for reading and Goodluck.