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Выбор сумочки для подходящего типа фигуры

Choosing the ideal handbag requires knowing your body type and fashion tastes. It goes beyond simple fashion considerations. Like choosing your attire to highlight your most excellent qualities, the correct purse can improve your overall appearance and strike a harmonious balance in your physical appearance. 

Understanding the guidelines for choosing a handbag for the right body type handbag will empower you to express your style with confidence and flair. Start by determining your body shape and buy a purse that flatters it. Smaller bags are appropriate for short persons, whereas larger bags are appropriate for taller people. 

In this article, we'll discuss how you can choose a handbag that is perfect for your body type, along with some other information that might be helpful for you. 

Why Is It Necessary to Choose a Handbag as Per Your Body Type?

Although not strictly necessary, picking a handbag that flatters your body type can significantly improve your look and sense of style. When you choose a bag that is appropriate for your body type, it produces a balanced and proportionate profile. As a result, you'll feel more put together and fashionable, which can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore, the ideal handbag should be functional and aesthetically pleasing to carry during your everyday activities. Additionally, the bag you choose reflects your style, allowing you to show off your choices for classic, modern, or original fashion. 

You can draw attention to or downplay particular characteristics, attain adaptability, and steer clear of potential fashion blunders by matching your purse to your body shape. Ultimately, it's a chance to express your personality and highlight your sense of style via your wardrobe selections while still taking into account comfort and functionality.

How to Choose Handbags for the Right Body Type?

The ideal purse for your body type can improve your overall appearance and help you achieve a balanced silhouette. So, here are a few things to consider when choosing handbags that go well with your body type:

Consider Body Shape

Body shape is one of the most crucial factors when choosing the best handbags. Now, let's go over a few of them:

  • Hourglass Body Shape

Individuals with an hourglass form and clearly defined waist are fortunate to have a balanced silhouette. A range of handbag designs are available for them to use. So, medium-sized bags that fit the waist comfortably suit them. These bags will highlight the curves and waist.

  • Apple Shape:

You aim to highlight your lower body if you have an apple-shaped figure with a wider upper torso. In such cases, lower-hanging crossbody, hobo, or bucket purses can assist in balancing your proportions by adding visual appeal to your hip area.

  • Pear Shape:

People with pear-shaped bodies have narrower hips and smaller upper bodies. Select purses with handles above your hips or shorter straps to balance your proportions. Choose bags with eye-catching top decorations or features to detract from your lower body.

  • Rectangle Shape

If your figure is more up-and-down with little curves, you can add some definition and angles to your chosen handbag. Choose clutches, ruffled bags, or ones with decorations to give the appearance of curves.

Body Size Matters

Besides your body shape, size is essential when picking the best possible handbag option. 

  • Petite

Oversized bags might overwhelm your body and make you appear smaller if you're shorter. Instead, opt for more compact, smaller purses like micro backpacks, crossbody bags, or small totes. These looks will retain proportion and avoid overwhelming your body.

  • Tall

Taller individuals can carry off larger bags with ease. You can balance out your appearance by wearing oversized totes, satchels, or messenger bags that are larger than usual.

  • Slim or Thin Individuals

Consider purses that give visual appeal and volume to your style without overpowering your frame if you have a thin or slender body type. Choose medium-sized bags with structural designs or elements like pockets, zippers, or decorations to create dimension.

Crossbody bags with adjustable straps can be helpful for thin people since they can lend width to your shape and a nice vertical line. However, avoid big bags because they could make you look even slimmer. Choose purses that are in proportion to your body size instead.

  • Chubby People

A purse that balances proportions is crucial if you have a curvier or larger frame. Avoid bags that are too big or too small because they may call attention to places where you wish to enhance bulk or eliminate it.

A medium-sized purse with sleek, uncomplicated lines and little ornamentation can be a suitable option. To keep the attention on your outfit rather than your bag's size, look for bags that you can carry conveniently under your arm or with short to medium-length straps. Consider structured-shaped bags for a polished, put-together appearance.

Bag Color & Pattern

Handbags in dark hues typically have a slimming impact. They can make you appear taller and give your ensemble a feeling of continuity. Deep brown, navy, and black are traditional options for this.

On the other hand, light-colored bags can add visual weight and draw attention. If you want to make a statement or draw attention to your handbag, opt for lighter colors or bold patterns. Just be mindful of the pattern's scale relative to your body size.

Bag Length & Shape

Choose taller purses with an elongated design to give off a slimming look. To provide the appearance of a longer, leaner shape, bags with vertical lines, such as messenger bags or extended clutches, might be practical.

However, hobo bags and rounder totes have softer lines and can add curves to your appearance.

Strap Length

Choose bags with shorter straps or handles to draw attention to your shoulders or bust. These bags focus on your upper body and are helpful if you want to emphasize your top curves.

Conversely, longer straps, like those on messenger or crossbody bags, can lengthen your body and give the impression that you are taller. They work particularly well for taller people to balance proportions.


Choosing a handbag for the right body type is a helpful skill that can enhance your style and boost your confidence. By understanding your body shape, height, and proportions, you can make informed choices that create a harmonious and flattering look.

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