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5 Tendências de bolsas na moda sustentável: O que precisa de saber

Sustainability is a big topic in today's fashion scene. However, is it all just a fad or an actual shift in the industry? Fortunately for us and the environment, it's more of the latter. The customer mindset is changing. Therefore, brands need to adapt.

As sustainability becomes increasingly discussed, the fashion industry is not void of it. Many premium bags are made from unsustainable materials like leather. However, we have curated 5 bag trends in sustainable fashion that look promising for resellers even if you're a new brand.

The Race Towards More Sustainable Fashion

There was a time when sustainability in the fashion industry was simply a “trend”. Only used as a buzzword. Some companies might not even uphold sustainable values, and processes properly. However, it isn't just merely a buzzword anymore.

Large brands are increasingly putting more emphasis on sustainability. The meaning of sustainability is also changing. Previously, sustainable bags had a negative connotation. They might be bags that were maybe not the most well-designed.

However, there are many different ways brands and resellers can interpret this. You can produce high-quality. As a result, your products will last longer. Therefore, consumers won't need to frequently replace it.

Additionally, you can also choose to go with more eco-friendly materials. Partnering up with an expert manufacturer like SLBAG can help you with this. Seasoned manufacturers already have all the processes and tools to enable you to sell truly sustainable bags.

Moreover, customer sentiment is also changing. Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of the environmental impact of their purchase decisions. Which means they're increasingly looking for brands that align with their values.

Even more interestingly, customer behavior in fashion is unique. They’re happy to choose new brands over large brand names. Which means that a new brand has a real chance to enter the market and make a profit. Even if you're an older brand, you can create a new product line focused on sustainability!

5 Trends for Bags In Sustainable Fashion You Need to Know

Any brand's success depends on how well it serves its target customer. If the customers want something else to what you're selling, you're essentially shooting yourself in the foot. While trends might have a negative connotation in some industries, it's very important in fashion.

People want to be hip when it comes to their clothes and accessories. They want to wear what's "hot." Therefore, trends are important for resellers and businesses to capitalize on. The recent boom in sustainable fashion has a couple of trends for bags. Here are the top 5 you need to care about.

Vegan Materials

One of the biggest trends we're noticing in the current bag market is the popularity of vegan materials. These are eco-friendly and completely non-animal materials. Therefore, materials like faux leather or other completely non-animal products are also applicable.

We must say that we like this trend. That is because it gives resellers the option to get creative. You can source sustainable and vegan materials cheaply. Additionally, you can position your brand differently to appeal to a broader market.

Moreover, let's not ignore the elephant in the room here – large brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and more. These large brands have a lot of name recognition. With that comes a lot of loyal fans. 

However, you can still compete. You can target different customers by doing your own thing and getting creative with your brand. As a result, you can essentially create a market for yourself, which is the blue ocean strategy

The bag market is pretty big. So, you don't even have to compete with large brands. However, you must still cater to market trends and offer premium bags.

Recycled Materials

Recycled materials in the sustainable fashion industry are another big trend. It's a win-win for the environment, and the manufacturer can also create efficient processes to make bags cost-effectively.

Additionally, you can partner up with a reputed bag manufacturer like SLBAG. Let the manufacturer handle the complexities. While you focus on selling and building a sustainability-focused brand.

Recycled bags help save energy costs and reduce waste. Moreover, you can also target specific customer bases that align with your brand values, which can lead to more conversions and brand loyalty.

Canvas or 100% Cotton Bags

The canvas bag is another innovation in the sustainable bag industry. Canvas is an excellent material for making simple yet durable bags. Sellers making minimalistic bags can use it to create some truly inspiring designs.

Cotton is often in competition with canvas. However, there are some advantages if you choose to go with canvas. For example, canvas bags shrink less than 100% cotton bags. And, of course, as we mentioned, it's more durable.

However, as a reseller, you need to make a judgment call here. Cotton bags are comparatively more sustainable. Additionally, cotton is completely biodegradable.

Sustainable Tote Bags

Tote bags are a gift that keeps on giving. They're just so versatile and stylish. Therefore, it's no surprise that tote bags are popular even in the sustainable bag scene. Tote bags can be made from all kinds of materials.

They look stylish (and are practical). And now, we're seeing more and more sustainable tote bags becoming popular. These spacious bags work great since you can make them from various elements. A good manufacturer, like SLBAG, can make things easier for you.

These bags are like a canvas to make your mark in the industry. And are a very popular trend for both men and women.

Jute Bags

Lastly, the focus on sustainability also led to the rise of jute bags. Often called the "golden fiber," jute bags are durable, look great, and, more importantly, sustainable. Resellers and brands who want to sell more sustainable bags can rejoice since the demand for jute bags is projected to rise.


These 5 bag trends in a sustainable fashion are great for companies that want to create a meaningful impact. It's the best time for new brands to enter into the market. Or older brands expand into different product lines and reinvent themselves.

The market is certainly competitive. However, you can create a successful business with the right marketing, manufacturing process, and proper product development. Contacte-nos if you're looking for an experienced bag manufacturer for easy and sustainable sourcing.