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How To Pick A Good Leather Supplier? (A 2022 Guide)

Finding a good leather supplier can be stressful especially when you are starting a new leather goods business or need a new source to continue your business. Hence, to aid the likes of you in your quest, we have gone of our way to educate you regarding, how to Pick a Good Leather Supplier?

To pick a good leather supplier, consider the benefits they will offer and what kind of leather hide you want from them. Factors included before choosing are leather’s origin, type, dimensions, pricing, etc. Some leather supplier companies also host certain benefits.

Leather handbags are delicate and will require proper choosing of leather hides and quality to maintain integrity. This is where our expertise kicks in! Hence, allow us to give you a better idea on choosing the best leather supplier for handbag business owners! Be sure to stay till the end of this article!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Leather Hide From a Supplier

Things To Consider Before Buying A Leather Hide From a Supplier

There are a bunch of things that we would ask you to have in your consideration before finalizing a deal with a supplier you just met! You should always have your very own set criteria for the type of leather hide you want for your business. This can obviously vary depending on the type of products you wish to produce with the help of the leather hide.

Hence, without further ado, let’s briefly introduce a few things you should always consider before buying a leather hide!

1. The Leather Hide’s Origin

Apart from cows, leather items can also be made from the skins of lambs, elephants, deer, goats, pigs, alligators, horses, sheep, and even snakes. The leather industry's most common hides are from either cows or calves or lamb and goats.

What sort of product you wish to make in your business will play a huge factor in this as leathers will definitely vary in size, shape, pricing, and versatility depending on which animal they come from? Hence, we suggest you always consider going for cowhides, calfskin, lambskin, or goat skins.

However, if your business consists of making exotic expensive leather products, then deerskin and reptilian skins of snakes and alligators should be your niche. Nevertheless, it would honestly be cool to see a handbag made of real snake patterned leather skin!

2. Leather Type

In short, leather hides can vary depending on their type, the purpose they are processed for, the processing of tanning they go through, and how their surface is treated!

Usually, types of leather include full-grain, top-grain, genuine leather, split, etc. Sometimes leathers can be processed for the sole purpose of making harnesses, saddles, gun holsters, bags, jackets, and straps!

Some common tanned leather types include chrome, synthetic, and brain. The best way to treat the surface of the leather is nubick, glazed, suede, bicast, and pigmented leather! Depending on your style and the type of handbags you produce, you should choose the following leather types!

3. Leather Dimensions (Size, Cuts, Weight, Thickness)

The dimensions of Leather depending on its size, cuts, weight, and thickness are crucial as they determine the purpose for which they are made! First things first, the size of leather you wish to buy is crucial. You can either buy whole hides if you have a huge business and investment range. However, if you are a leather belt manufacturer, then strips of leather would do!

If you have niche products like gloves and others, then you can always request specific cuts or utilize scraps of leather to get the job done. Sometimes a completed leather hide has a lot of leather to select from when cutting components for a project. Some sections will be better quality and simpler to deal with depending on where the hide is on the animal's body.

Cutting leather hides are done on specific uses depending on a client's needs! This might be the whole hide or just a section. A few common types of leather cuts include whole, side, shoulder, double bend, belly, double shoulder, double belly, and butt cuts.

Depending on a certain leather supply's weight and thickness, its pricing, purpose, and many more can be determined. Hence, they both are crucial aspects to consider before finalizing your decision. Here’s a chart, courtesy of Liberty Leather Goods on a thickness-to-weight reference guide of leather hides!

3-6 OZ of weight is usually preferable for smaller handbags, but for large or heavy handbags, 10-12 OZ would suffice!

4. Leather Pricing

The final nail in the coffin depends on all the factors mentioned above. The bigger and better quality your leather hide will be, the more you will have to spend. There is no alternative to investment as leather supplies do not come easy. However, although you should not sacrifice your quality overpricing, you can always invest in other ways to save up!

This includes saving your time and choosing the best suppliers at your disposal. Reliable service and speedy procedures are surely never a bad thing for business owners, are they? Hence, in the next section, we will focus on finding a good and reliable business leather supplier!

How to Find a Good Leather Supplier for your Business?

How to Find a Good Leather Supplier for your Business?

There are many physical and chain stores as well as online marketplaces and district suppliers. However, you should always know that after buying raw materials for a leather handbag, you would have to spend an inconceivable amount of time and effort bringing it to your preferred vision. So, it is essential that you choose the right leather before heading into production.

Hence, the best option we suggest is to actually find a direct transparent leather supplier that is trusted and reliable. This will ensure a supplier who works towards ensuring convenience from your end.

But we would like to offer SLBAG services in this case. We are an industry-leading leather production company. So, you can bet that we have the connections necessary to get you the highest quality leather for your leather production.

We will do all the research on your behalf when it comes to deciding what type of leather you should choose and what size or cuts will be required for your desired leather handbags. We will take all the hassle on your behalf to reduce the pressure as much as possible on your end! Just order the type and style of bag you want to produce and we will handle all the rest.

So, contact us today and we can begin your leather bag production.


That just about wraps up what we had in stores for how to pick a good leather supplier for handbags! We hope you have enjoyed this article and no longer have to worry about leather suppliers again!

However, why waste time on market research when you can consider professionals like us to handle all that for you?

Joining a leather bag production company like our’s is the best option you have to get access to the most premium grade leather in the market.