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Top Men's Handbag Trends In 2023

Le borse sono uno degli accessori più essenziali. Pertanto, se siete produttori di borse, dovreste rallegrarvi. Le borse da uomo sono di moda e sono destinate a rimanere. Siamo in un periodo in cui la popolarità degli uomini che indossano borse è ai massimi storici. E noi siamo tutti favorevoli. Quindi, quali sono le le principali tendenze delle borse da uomo nel 2023?

I marchi e i rivenditori stanno capitalizzando questa forma di espressione personale. Dalle tote bag alla moda alle pratiche crossbody, passando per l'attenzione ai materiali di prima qualità e alla sostenibilità, abbiamo stilato un elenco delle tendenze che stanno caratterizzando il mercato delle borse da uomo.

Ha senso vendere borse da uomo in questo momento?

Ogni tendenza emergente nella moda è un'opportunità per le aziende di capitalizzarla. Si dà il caso che il recente aumento delle borse da uomo sia perfetto per le aziende. Di conseguenza, questo è il momento ideale per sfruttare le forze naturali del mercato per la crescita.

Se vendete borse, la recente tendenza delle borse da uomo è la cosa migliore che vi sia capitata: ora avete un mercato completamente nuovo.

Men's fashion, for the longest time, has been pretty stagnant. Although brands had many kinds of bold and stylish clothes, there has not been much in the area of accessories.

Therefore, now is the best time to enter the men's handbag market. Moreover, the best part of all this is there are a lot of designs and trends that you can work with.

Men use all kinds of different handbags – sometimes different types for different purposes. Therefore, a single customer might buy multiple types of handbags from you. All you need is a trusted handbag manufacturer like SLBAG.

Top 6 Men's Handbag Trends in 2023 You Need to Know

As a fashion brand, your product lines must be up-to-date with the latest trends. It will keep your product offerings fresh and your customers returning for more. The industry is very competitive.

Therefore, understanding what customers want is very important. Here are the top 6 trends in the men's handbag industry today to help you keep up:

Tote Bags

One of the most exciting trends in the men's handbag scene is the rise of elegant and practical tote bags. They work fantastic as fashion statements and are very useful. Moreover, you can sell various styles of tote bags as well.

They'll be flying off the shelves since they're so practical and look very stylish. Additionally, tote bags have tons of space. Therefore, they're ideal for the fashionable working man.

You can also use all kinds of different materials. For example, this Nastroloubi Fique à Vontade is made with linen. You can also use other materials like fabric or leather. As you can see, there's a real opportunity to get creative here. As a result, you can draw customers to your brand with unique product lines.

Crossbody Bags

There's also a rise in the popularity of crossbody bags. You could argue that, technically, these aren't explicitly handbags. However, many men wear these that way to add their unique stylistic twist to their wardrobe.

Crossbody bags have come a long way. They were called the man purse for a long time. Additionally, a lot of people didn't like them either. However, things have changed. Stylish men love these convenient (and fashionable) bags a lot!

It's a perfect choice for someone who wants something smaller than a tote bag. You can still store many things in a crossbody bag without sacrificing style.


Yes, clutches! They are in for men. Clutches is where you can go wild and target a wider customer base. This Prada Saffiano handbag is one of the more minimalistic ones. They are pretty stylish. Men who love something subtle will love it.

Clutches are very versatile. Including clutches in your men's handbag product lines allows you to diversify your offerings. For example, you can take inspiration from this toned-down Prada bag or something bold, like the Pochette Voyage from LV

Or, you can go over the top with something very progressive, like the Fortune Cookie bag. No matter the kind of clutches you want to sell, you can partner with SLBAG to efficiently produce different styles to serve all your customers.

Premium Materials

A lot of men also want handbags with premium materials. If you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world. Men spend a premium on high-quality leather wallets (something most people won't even see). So, it's only natural for them to want that same premium feeling from their handbags. One of the most visible components of an outfit.

You must offer premium materials like leather, fabric, denim, or even felt or velvet to attract high-value customers. Each material has its unique characteristics and look. Therefore, locally sourcing the materials isn't enough.

You need a partner that understands how to work with these materials. And also one that can make the process much easier for you.


The world is increasingly moving towards sustainability. Fashion is no exception. More and more customers want sustainable fashion wear. The same goes for men's handbags. Customers nowadays (no matter which industry) are becoming increasingly more savvy.

They don't only look for brand names anymore. They also want brands that align with their values. So, it's important to understand what many men want from their handbag brands.

Retro Designs

We are naturally nostalgic. Romanticizing about the "good old times" isn't uncommon. And the sentiment also seeps through into the fashion industry. A lot of men love retro handbags to create their unique style.

It's an expression of their personality and identity. Offering some designs with a retro look is sure to attract many customers.


Your business can boom and attract customers with the right product and catering to the right trends. The popularity of men's handbags is at an all-time high. As a result, this is the best time to enter this market.

If you're looking for the right manufacturer, contattateci now! We have over 16 years of manufacturing experience, helping brands streamline their value chain.