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Come vengono realizzati i portafogli in pelle?

Leather wallets are a must-have item to keep. It is widely used by both men and women. Many fashionistas are interested in learning more about how leather wallets are made. While some people want to be an artisan and create their own wallets.

Making a leather wallet includes the careful application of certain procedures. You will need high-quality leather, sewing materials, and tools to precisely cut the leather. The wallet is easily made by cutting different sections of the leather according to its design. Then they are all sewed together.

Making a leather wallet may not sound as tedious as we think. However, it is important to fully understand the process before applying it. Without the right knowledge and techniques, the result may not come out as desired. These steps should be done with caution. Otherwise, unexpected accidents may take place.

Leather Wallets Making Process

To make portafogli in pelle, you will need three different types of tools. First, you need the required pelle to make the wallet. You will also need the tools to cut the leather. This includes- a leather knife, edge slicker, cutting mat, etc. Finally, you will need the stitching items which are- a needle, thread, sewing awl, waxed thread, leather oil, etc. The steps for making are-

Step One: Cutting The Pattern

First, you will need a wallet template to use. You can find many beginner's wallet patterns online. Following that, cut a pattern from our leather. For ensuring a straight and sleek cut, use the help of a ruler. Make sure that the knife that you are using is very sharp. The pattern for the wallet will have several arrays of folds. Create these folds on your chosen leather.

To create folds, dampen the lines with a little warm water and then clam the folds in place. You have to keep them clamped as long as the leather is not completely dry. As a result, the folds will stay in place. Before you let them dry, make sure that the folds are done according to your linking. This is because once they are dry you cannot change their shapes.

Step Two: Creating The Interior

In your chosen wallet, you can add one or multiple inside pockets. We highly recommend adding the pockets, coin place, or the necessary card holders inside the wallet. This makes the wallet very useful to keep. Carrying several items together also becomes much more efficient for you. It will also create an attractive design.

To make the pockets inside your wallet, you have to use the groover tool and groove the stitching lines. After marking the grooves that you have selected, you can glue them on the pockets. Next, clamp the pockets to the folds. It is important to make sure that the glue is completely dry. Then you can use the leather knife to create some small sewing holes.

Step Three: Grooving And Punching

The first phase of making the leather wallet is done with the finishing of creating the interior. You have the blueprint of your wallet ready. Now, you have to add the rest of the sewing holes to your wallet.

For the ease and effectiveness of the sewing process, you have to punch the required sewing holes in the leather. You can use needles or a diamond chisel for this step. Next, use a sewing awl to make a guide for the places that need to be grooved on the outside. Lastly, check thoroughly if the grooving matches on both the inside and outside of the wallet.

Step Four: Stitching

Come vengono realizzati i portafogli in pelle?

Move on to the stitching process when the sewing holes and grooves are successfully added. This process will be fairly easy if you have done the grooving correctly. Before you start stitching, an important tip you should follow is to use a bit of leather oil in the grooves. As a result, the stitching process will be a lot more manageable and easier.

First, stitch the interior of the wallet. This includes- pockets, sections, and other holders. After that, you can proceed to stitch the edges of the wallet. For better longevity, you can double stitch the entire leather. This makes the sewing of the wallet tight. Consequently, the leather will not break open easily.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

With the finishing of the sewing process, the making of the wallet is mostly over. However, you still have to make some important procedures to make sure that your wallet is in the best shape and quality. When you are done making these last important touches, you are done making the wallet.

To refine the wallet further, use fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen out the sides of the wallet as much as possible. Similarly, use the same process for the edges of the wallet. Carry on the process as long as they perfectly line up with the pocket lines. It is an important step to maintain the aesthetics of the wallet. Finally, with this last step, your wallet is ready.

How Long Do Leather Wallets Last?

Come vengono realizzati i portafogli in pelle?

With the proper care, leather wallets can last year after year. This is due to several reasons. Real leather does not break or fall apart. As a result, the wallet gains a lot of durability due to the natural features of the leather. Since the leather will not break apart, you can use the leather wallet for years.

Moreover, real leather has natural water-resistant features. The natural oils present in the leather make it safe from being damp or saggy. Real leather also has anti-fungal properties. So, you don’t have to worry about your favorite leather wallet going bad due to fungus. Leather wallets need minimal care to keep them clean. Thus, you can use the leather wallet for years.


For decades, leather wallets have been a fan favorite. It is fashionable and durable to use in every season. It does not fall out of fashion with the changing trends. Now that you know all about how to make a leather wallet, you can get a leather wallet for yourself. Contattateci to get the best leather wallets of premium quality within the most affordable range.