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How Leather Is Colored? A Step-by-Step Guide to Leather Coloring

Leather is one of the most premium materials. They look great, last long, and are stylish. Speaking of looking great, the specific color and tone of the leather are one of the things that make them so cool.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about how leather is colored. Coloring leather is a skill and requires the right technique and know-how. Depending on the leather type, the dye may differ.

How Leather Is Colored: A Complete Step by Step Guide

How Leather Is Colored: A Complete Step by Step Guide

When it comes to leather coloring or dyes, there is a particular skill to it. And just like any skill, you can get better at it with more practice. The very first step is to know how it is colored.

For the final look, the type of leather is important. It will dictate what kind of dye you should use. But that is not what this guide is about. Let's check out how to color leather.

Step 1: Readying Your Workstation

Before any leather worker starts dying their leather pieces, the very first step is to ready the workstation. A good workstation will help you stay productive and will also avoid bottlenecks. Something like a large table is one of the most important things.

The right temperature is also important. Yes, you read that right. Something like around70-degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

Step 2: Applying Deglaze

Next up is applying to deglaze. Instead of any kind of deglaze, a ‘leather preparer’ can be used as well. Deglazing removes the fibers.

It helps the dye set better which leaves with a more premium final look. You need to ensure that the leather pieces are ready to absorb the dye.

Step 3: Spraying Water

When spraying water, you do not want to douse it in water. That is a no-no. What should be done instead is to gently spray some water on it. This does not do anything special.

It just allows the leather piece to absorb the dye evenly. No one wants unevenly dyed leather. It will look quite unappealing, now, won’t it?

Step 4: Start with The First Layer

All those previous steps are crucial preparation for dyeing the leather. This is where the actual work begins – the coloring part. You need to take a paintbrush and light and add dye to it. Start painting the edges of the leather material first.

For beginners, it can be a bit difficult to add mask brush strokes. A cotton ball can be used to fill in the gaps to give the first coat a more finished look.

Step 5: Let it Dry

After the first coat, you need to let it dry. This is also very important if you want the color to be long-lasting. Messing with it before it dries, will give you a very shoddy finish.

We recommend at least one day. This will allow your leather piece to completely dry. And that is the main goal here.

Step 6: Adding More Thin Coats

We are not done adding dye layers. After you let the first coat dry for one day, you should add more thin layers of dye. At least three coats are the ideal number. You do not have to stop at just thee through.

Keep adding more layers till you reach your desired color. At the end of the day, getting that perfect shade is important.

Step 7: Buffing

Buffing will give your finished leather colored a more polished look. Literally. You can use a couple of tools for this. A sheen or leather finisher works pretty well.

You need to make sure to buff with a clean cloth and on a clean surface. After you smooth up the surface, let the leather dry again. That is all. After it is dried up, you can enjoy your freshly colored leather.

In some cases, it is fun to experiment with different techniques. And if you are doing it yourself, the learning process can be pretty fun as well.

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Tips for Coloring Leather

Tips for Coloring Leather

Before wrapping up, we wanted to leave you with some pro tips for coloring leather. These will help you get the most out of your leather and also allow you to hit the road running if you are fairly new to this.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, knowing some tips does not hurt. And the coloring process will be much smoother. Here are 3 simple tips that you need to remember.

1. Have Different Tools Handy

Leather coloring can require a couple of specialized tools. You want to have all these handy. This will save you time and make the overall process much more efficient. Each tool has its role to play in the coloring process.

Sponges for example are great for adding texture. Sprays help with blending the colors in and cotton balls, on the other hand, make getting to those tough spots much easier.

2. Dipping is Faster

Another quick and easy method to get leather colored the fast way is to dip it in dye. A small word of caution, you will need to have a container that you are willing to sacrifice. And you will also need more dye in general.

Get your dye in the container and dip the leather piece you are trying to color into it. Make sure you have enough dye to completely submerge it. This will ensure an even and consistent coat.

3. Always Sample Your Dyes

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make. Sometimes, no matter whatever is written on the dye pack, the end color might not completely match your leather material. Try sampling a small amount and see how it turns.

It will also give you a good feel for how the colors gel with the particular leather you have. To get a more accurate shade, you can also try mixing colors too!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how leather is colored, the next time you see a premium quality leather product, like the ones from SLBAG you will be able to tell exactly how much precision, skill, and technique went into it.

So, contact us today to garnish your product line with the highest quality leather products in the market at a very reasonable price.