China is emerging as the most preferred place to mass-produce designed bags in diverse categories. Emerging businesses, as well as established brands, are looking at Chinese manufacturers for manufacturing their products. If you are considering the same thing, you should know a few things before you can get started.


What Kind Of Bags Are Ideal For Manufacturing In China?

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China’s dominance in large-scale bag manufacturing is well-known. But you might be wondering whether variety is compromised for quantity. Don’t worry! China has five prominent bag manufacturing cities with their own specialties. You will definitely find that at least one of them makes the kind of bags you require.

In terms of materials, you can find leather bags, canvas bags, as well as jute bags. Also, you can come across a bag manufacturer who works with materials like spunbond, spunmelt, and spunlace. You can find bags made out of diverse fabrics. You can locate delicate, fancy bags and also sturdy suitcases.

With respect to styles as well, you won’t be disappointed. You can find a bag manufacturer for handbags, tote bags, cosmetic bags, fanny bags, duffel bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, sling bags, and clutches.

There are some reliable manufacturers dealing with luggage bags as well. Special-purpose bags are also manufactured in China. They include mountaineering bags, sports bags, laptop sleeves, cooler bags, foldable bags, and printed or laminated bags.

However, you won’t find all this diversity in a single manufacturing city. Each region has its own strengths and weaknesses. You have to narrow down your potential bag manufacturer. You can do so by deciding the kind of bags you wish to make and selecting the region specializing in them.

The Five Top Manufacturing Cities: Which City For Which Purpose?


  1. Guangzhou City


Guangzhou is one of China’s most important port cities with a rich history of international trade. Hence, it has developed the most in terms of skilled labor. The modern and technologically advanced factories contribute to this reputation. On this note, check out the Canton Fair.


This area is a market leader in terms of leather bags manufacturers. Businesses dealing in leather can also visit the Hong Kong APLF. Guangzhou is a good place to look for a custom bag manufacturer or a premium, luxury bag manufacturer. Production of quality luggage bags is also a specialty of this area. Big names like Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Puma have their bag manufacturer located in Guangzhou. Even companies like Apple get their laptop bags manufactured here.


With the pace of development, the labor prices are rising too. So this might not be the right place to manufacture inexpensive or generic bags for rough use.


Reputed companies: JS Corp, Superl, SLBag, Lee & Man Development


  1. Yiwu City

Yiwu City


Yiwu hosts the largest wholesale market featuring small commodities at low prices: the Yiwu International Trade City. The wholesale market works in collaboration with small traders and manufacturers. This keeps prices in check and adds diversity to the goods.


If you are thinking of placing small orders for inexpensive, daily use bags, Yiwu might be your best bet. As long as you keep your orders simple and avoid massive quantities, it should be fine. You might want to conduct a thorough inspection as the quality might fluctuate.


As you can guess, Yiwu City isn’t the best place to find a bag manufacturer for complex, highly customized bags in large quantities. Sometimes, even if you stick to the same wholesaler, the quality can vary. It is because products are curated in limited quantities from nearby small manufacturers.


  1. Baigou Town



Baigou is often referred to as the ‘Yiwu of the North’. It has the same perks as Yiwu city. Also, it is the third-largest hub in terms of bag manufacture.


The low labor cost makes it ideal for bag start-ups. It is because it can lower the required capital. Handbags and cosmetic bags are the most commonly manufactured products in this area.


The downside of Baigou is that it has very little experience with international trade. The factories are relatively small. Besides, the labor requires sufficient training to carry out specific orders. This means that large-scale complex orders are not suitable for Baigou. Luggage bags are definitely not the kind of product that you should get manufactured in Baigou.


Reputed companies: Three Birds Luggage


  1. Quanzhou City

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Quanzhou is a famous port city. It has witnessed a longer history in trade than Guangzhou. This is another hub where you can find a bag manufacturer producing high-quality, special-purpose bags. It is still more expensive than the other manufacturing cities, though.


You can count on Quanzhou to manufacture premium sports bags, luggage bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. Also, you can find your ideal custom bag manufacturer among the many reliable companies here. They can handle large scale orders while maintaining quality. It has one major advantage over Guangzhou; it offers better prices.


Like Guangzhou, Quanzhou is not the go-to place for generic, inexpensive handbags or cosmetic bags. Even though prices are better than Guangzhou, they are still higher in comparison to other manufacturing cities. Hence, it’s not ideal for businesses starting out with limited capital.


Reputed companies: Twinkling Star, Orient Handbag


  1. Pinghu City


Pinghu City is home to some excellent bag suppliers. This area has seen enough international trade to be adept at handling overseas orders. Besides, it is equipped with factories built to prepare special-purpose bags which are high in quality. They can undertake bulk orders smoothly.


The manufacturers in Pinghu specialize in luggage bags and suitcases. You can find a bag manufacturer for other types of bags as well. It is a good match for businesses looking for the manufacture of durable, high-quality travel bags on a large scale.


Pinghu won’t be a good fit for newly born businesses looking for price competitiveness. It is due to the significantly high labor costs and specialization in very specific products,


Reputed companies: Newcomer Group, Ginza Travel


For more information, you can visit:




Steps Before You Start Working With A Chinese Bag Manufacturer

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Let’s discuss briefly how the manufacturing process works before we can go through the important decisions that one must take prior to placing an order with a Chinese bag manufacturer.


After you have selected a manufacturing city and decided on the company you wish to work with, you must assess your own perspective product range. While communicating with the manufacturer, you have to be extremely specific about what you want. The manufacturer then carefully prepares samples. Once the manufacturer approves the samples, the quantity, shipping info, and deadline are shared. The full order is then shipped as per your instructions.


What type of bag do you want?


First, you must mention the specific style. Is it a handbag or a cosmetic bag? A tote bag or a drawstring bag? A clutch or a sling bag? Have you decided on the styles you wish to get manufactured? That must already be decided if you followed the selection step mentioned above.


How should you provide the details to suppliers?


It’s not enough to state the material and the colour. You have to be more detailed than that. If you are not specific enough, the sample approval process could consume a lot of time. Make sure you have selected a bag manufacturer who can handle custom orders. Try to cover the following points while asking for a sample:


  • The shape and style of the bag.
  • Dimensions of the bag.
  • Type of material and exact shade.
  • The trim material and the preferred shade.
  • Colour and material of the metal for buckles, zips, and other decorations.
  • Colour of the edge.
  • The logo to be used on the products.
  • Colour of the thread for seams and stitches.



Important Trade Fairs To Watch Out For

  1. Canton Fair


The China Import and Export Fair or the Canton Fair, is a trade fair held bi-annually in the spring and autumn seasons in Canton, Guangzhou. It is the oldest and biggest trade fair in China.


Various types of business activities such as export and import, commodity inspection, economic and technical exchange, transportation, advertising, insurance, and trade consultation are conducted here.


It’s a must-visit for those in the bag business. It is because many valuable contacts can be made during the fair. It’s also a melting pot of tradition and modernity, which can inspire you with wonderful ideas.

  1. Hong Kong APLF


This fair is the go-to for finding top-notch leather bags manufacturers. APLF is the world leader in diverse, mid-to-high quality leather components. From bags to footwear, garments to upholstery, you can find it all here.


In a prominent location like Hong Kong, it offers businesses opportunities to meet buyers or manufacturers. People all over the world gather here. This is what makes it an excellent place for those in the bag industry to build valuable business relationships.


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Things To Be Aware Of While Importing Bags From China


Different countries have different norms when it comes to manufacturing and distribution. The US and EU have very specific environment protection laws that need to be obeyed. Make sure your manufacturing partner’s process does not involve the use of chemicals and materials banned in your country.


You should be well versed in customs and import-export laws of both China and your country of operation. Be prepared for your shipment to be inspected at any time. Ensure that there is nothing that can stand as an obstacle for your business. You don’t want your potential profits to go into paying unnecessary duties and fines. Select companies with international trading experience.


Make sure the shipment carries all the necessary documents like the Brand Authorization Letter or the original Bill of Lading. You also need to file an application to the commodity inspection authority for compulsory commodity inspection in China. Missing documents and skipped procedures often cause complications while importing bags from China.


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So, we have covered most of the difficult aspects of finding the perfect bag manufacturer for your business. We also went over the potential issues and the ways to avoid them. This should be sufficient to prepare you for developing a strong business relationship with a manufacturing company in China. With that, we wish you all the best for your ventures!