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Difference Between Clutch Bag And Purse - A Complete Guide

Thanks to the fashion industry, there are several varieties in the styles of a simple bag now! You can go for handbags or purses, clutch bags, wallets, totes, etc., whatever you feel should go perfectly well with your outfit. But if you are new to the concept of purses or clutches, you need to know first, what is the difference between clutch bag and purse?

Actually, a clutch bag is a small handheld bag with no straps or handles and looks slim. On the other hand, a purse is a typical handbag with straps and handles that you can wear over your shoulder.

Now, clutches and purses both can look gorgeous on anyone! It would be best if you looked more closely into clutch bags and purses to understand the difference between them. Also, if you are about to start a business, it is essential for you to know about them beforehand.

So, to have a brief overview of all these facts, please read the entire article.

What Is A Clutch Bag?

What Is A Clutch Bag?

A clutch bag is literally a tiny flat bag that you can clutch with your hands or keep under your arms. Usually, it refers to the smaller-sized purses without the straps and handles.

Although, with the modernization of the fashion industry and the start of a bit of fusion, variants of clutch bags with straps, zippers (wristlets), bands, handles, etc., are also popular now.

So, the basic feature of a bag to qualify as a clutch bag is that it must be slim enough so the user can clutch it with their hands.

Origin And Popularity

In the early 20th century, women used to wear cumbersome clothing with layers and layers of fabrics. Basically, these dresses are what we call gowns now. These dresses were so big that you could easily fit and hide your belongings inside the pockets. So, bags were barely a necessity.

In fact, bags were some luxurious accessories that were emblems of wealth or higher standards. Gradually, with time, when women started to wear skirts, blouses, pants, etc., the need for bags began to grow.

Then, the easiest thing was to carry a handheld bag that could fit a few valuables so people could bring them to places. So, clutch bags came into being! The oldest clutch bag is at the Courtauld Gallery in London. It is about 700 years old!

Thereafter, clutch bags started to gain popularity in the bag market and became a fashion accessory. Today, if you opt for a glamorous look on the red carpet or at a wedding, a clutch bag can complete your outfit perfectly! All high-end brands and even the start-ups are doing a fine job making clutch bags.


To be fair, you can put only the most necessary items you need inside a clutch. Because it is slim and doesn't have much capacity as a handbag or purse, you can carry only a few things within it.

Usually, you may carry your mobile, credit cards, some cash, your ID cards, passports, or just a few makeup products inside a clutch bag. You may take lipstick or a pressed powder with a brush for your touch-up later!

What Is A Purse?

What Is A Purse?

A purse is actually a handbag with straps or handles so you can carry it on your shoulder. Some people even refer to clutches as purses. But in standard US English, a purse is just a handbag.

Purses have more significant volumes or capacities. They can hold a lot of your valuables at a time. It is a versatile fashion item that goes with all kinds of outfits and serves you with a whole lot of space to store your belongings.

Hence, the basic features of a bag to qualify as a purse would be that it should be bigger in size and should be able to be carried over your shoulder.

Origin and Popularity

Women of the 19th century used to keep their valuables inside small pockets. These pockets would be tied to their skirts under the fabric of their gowns.

So, when a woman would want to take out her belongings, she would have to lift up her skirt and then take out the pocket. It could cause serious wardrobe malfunctions anywhere!

Thus, gradually as women started to wear newer styles of clothes like skirts and blouses, the idea of a bag became popular. A bag that would not look bulky like pockets, but women could easily carry them to places. That was when beside clutches, purses came into being. But those purses had very sturdy handles and were heavy.

Now, you see the modernized versions from Louis Vuitton or Gucci in their leather purses. The purses have been through a lot of forms before they looked like the present-day ones!


Besides the essentials you can carry in clutches like cash, cards, and IDs, you may carry your necessary items in a purse bag. Any more oversized items that you feel of need and can fit into your purse can be held in it.

You may keep towels, napkins, snacks, water bottles, makeup items, toiletries, phones, or whatever you need to keep with you while traveling.

Investing In Clutch Bags And Purses For Your Business

Investing In Clutch Bags And Purses For Your Business

Clutches and purses are still in vogue. The fashion industry is crazy about introducing newer styles of clutches and handbags. Besides, if you know a good manufacturer, you can do a great job in this business!

For any business to grow, you need a bit of clever planning and a good deal of advertisement for your brand. If you are new in this bag business, you should make sure you are getting your supplies at a lower and affordable price to earn a good profit. So, you can sell it at higher prices and earn a profit! Clutches and purses have a huge demand now.

Now, there are only a few trusted manufacturers in the bag market. SLBAG has 16 years of experience in making several styles of customised purses and clutches in bulks. The prices are also affordable, and they ship worldwide to 25 different countries. They have worked with about 2000 brands!

You can get your bags made from SLBAG and then sell them in bulk. Understand what your customers need. Design according to their occasions for use, outfits, what items they prefer to carry, and places where they will use the bags.

So, if your customers are happy with you, your business will surely grow. And if you are a beginner, only good quality products can give you all the fame. So, you know where to go!


Clutch bags and purses are not the same. They are different both by structure and their functions. If you have read till the end, you indeed understand this completely. So, if anyone asks you, what is the difference between clutch bag and purse, you know what to tell them!

However, if you are looking for ideas for your bag-making business, contact SLBAG for the best solutions out there! Be it clutches or purses, and you will have everything you need here. Thank you for reading with patience. Have a blessed day!