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5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

People who are obsessed with adding handbags to their ever-growing wardrobe know that apart from the overall look of the handbag, the handles of the bag play a crucial role as well. The comfort of it, the feel of it against your arms, the strength of it, they all determine if the bag will ultimately be a good bargain or not.

To understand which bags you should go for based on looks and the current trend in the fashion industry, in this article, we are going to highlight the top 5 styles of handbag handles. Alongside, we are also going to introduce you to the wonderful collection of our unique handbags so that you have more options for your apparel. We recommend reading the whole article. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are 5 Styles Of Handbag Handles?

To help you keep up with the most popular handbag handles that are trending in the industry, below we have mentioned 5 styles of handbag handles that have been prevalent in the fashion industry for quite some time.

Leather Handles

5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

Everyone has a soft spot for leather bags and understandably so. Hence, leather bags and their handles are pretty significant and a benchmark in the fashion industry. Even if the overall style and color combination of the bag is pretty basic, leather handles can change the whole dynamic of your bag by adding unmatched elegance and a rare distinction to it.

Given it is leather, the handles will also be sturdy enough enabling you to carry all that you need within the bag, depending on its size of course. A bag with leather handles is fit for any occasion.

Metal clip handles

5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

You will find metal clip handles in mostly smaller purses or clutches, usually in an oval or circular shape. The colors of these mostly come in copper, silver, or golden. They are very easy and simple to work with. Alongside style, they are extremely functional. 

Metal clip handles offer a chic and simplistic look to your handbag. They are ideal for parties or any occasion which requires a bit of glam.  Handbags with metal clip handles pair great with cocktail dresses.

Fabric handles

With the rise of tote bags and canvas bags, fabric handles are quickly becoming popular when it comes to bags. Not only are the bags very eco-friendly but they are very soft to carry around.

These will last for a long time given you do not exert them with too much weight than they have the capacity to hold. We recommend going for fabric handles when you go to bookstores, picnics, etc. so that you can utilize the abundant spacing these bags offer.

Handbags with top handles are arguably the most hassle-free. This is because they mostly stay in your arms and are thus very easy to carry around. Moreover, top handle handbags seldom slide off your arms which can be very annoying in certain situations.

Top handles

5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

Top handles are the ideal choice for working women or if you are headed to any professional event. Lastly, no one can deny the classy look these handles offer to your bag.

Metal chain handles

5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

Everyone has a handbag with a metal chain handle in their wardrobe because they are that good. They are extremely stylish and offer a funky look that is rare. These handles also come in various colors so they can go with almost everything.

Handbags with metal chains are appropriate for all moments. If you want to go clubbing or to a semi-formal meeting, they are the go-to choice. They are also very convenient to carry around as they evenly distribute the weight of your bag so that there is less difficulty in maneuvering it. If you go for one with the longer chains, all the more convenient for you.

Braided handles

5 Styles Of Handbag Handles

Handbags with braided handles can bear a significant amount of weight with ease. This is because they are manufactured by braiding strips of leather together which leads to enhanced strength.

Bags with braided handles are fit for all sorts of occasions. Whether it be a casual hangout with friends or colleagues or a formal meeting, you will definitely draw some eyes to your handbag.

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After reading this article, you should be well acquainted with the 5 styles of handbag handles we have mentioned above. You should also be able to keep up with upcoming trends whether it be in handbag handles or any other relevant handbag styles if you choose to place your trust in us. We will be most pleased to serve you. Wishing you a lovely day ahead!